Take A Close Look At VW Bug

“Volkswagen Beetle”, “VW Bug”, and the “People’s Car” – the wondrously well-liked and moreover long lived car has got several nicknames over its reign. It is normally known as a legend in the history of automobiles. The German company has just introduced the 2012 Vw Beetle, that is inspired by the first Beetle that helped Americans fall in the love with the affordable European auto. In the light of this event, listed below are some interesting info about the popular car that you might be amazed to know:

Adolf Hitler laid the foundations for the “People’s Car”

It’s Adolf Hitler who, as part of the plan to eliminate Germany’s unemployment problem, asked Ferdinand Porsche to design a car which would normally carry 2 adults, and also 3 children in the rear seat. One more of Hitler’s design ideas was for the car to look like a beetle, and that’s where the nomenclature of Beetle came from. Furthermore, the family car was charged so that the majority of people could afford it via some or the other savings plan.

The old model of Beetle was produced for over 60 long years

Old Beetle made a record breaking 65 years- production of the same model from 1938-2003. There’s something about the “People’s Car” that people across decades have adored. Still, when we have the New Beetle and 2012 Beetle, a lot of Beetle aficionados insist on collecting older models that are still seen to have a charisma in them.

20.9 million Beetles have been designed

Over 20 million Beetles have been built till now, out of which near 15 million were built in Germany alone.

Old Beetle knew how to swim

Almost like a floating-smooth ride on land was not enough, the old Beetle used mechanics like sealed floor pans that kept it afloat for some time in water as well. Similar was commercialized about in a 1960s Beetle ad. So whether it’s land, or be it water, Beetle never sank!

6 Herbie films are produced on the Beetle

Herbie, the character played by a 1963 fabric roofed Beetle, has a total of six movies made after it. It has been the perfect hero on silver screen catching robbers, winning races, and also featuring opposite some of the best names in Hollywood like Julie Sommars and Bruce Campbell.

Beetle’s engine was not designed by Ferdinand Porsche

The flat four air-cooled engine of the Beetle was designed by a young Austrian engineer, and not by the chief designer of the car Ferdinand Porsche. The same engine was used to drive the Bug for six decades.

New Beetle has a front engine not like the old one

As seen appropriate by automobile technologists of the 1930s, Beetle was fitted with a rear engine back then. Though, the new 2012 Vw Beetle comes with an engine in the front, plus gives a mileage around 32 mpg.

The 2012 Convertible keeps the essence of the Beetle

Eventhough a lot more sporty and definitely more advanced in performance and features, the 2012 Convertible Beetle too has the charm that the Bug is always known to have. It’s a reminiscent of the mid-twentieth century coupe that the world has loved.

Beetle Convertible is an enhancement of the New Beetle

Compared to New Beetle, the 2012 Beetle is bigger in size, plus has roomier interiors to enhance the comfort of passengers. A great deal of space for storage is present which can be extended by bending the rear seatbacks forward.

The little car is a tough bird when it comes to safety

Beetle 2012 comes with extremely good security features such as the Intelligent Crash Response System along with airbags. So that you are safe while riding your beloved VW Bug.

So, by now you must have got all the inside secrets about VW Bug. If you’re searching forward to get one, visit the nearest Volkswagen auto dealer today.


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The Way To Get The Most Money For Your Used Vehicle

The value of your used vehicle will certainly depend upon its state as well as the way you have managed it. If your car has had plenty of incidents, then you cannot expect to obtain plenty of bucks for this kind of used car. Yet if you have paid reasonable attention to automobile upkeep, then you could expect to get good value for it. Let us take a look at some points that could help you get the most money for the reasonably maintained car.

Be sure that the vehicle does not have any kind of flaws:

If your car has small problems in the motor, braking system, gear, and so on., then you must get them serviced before advertising your vehicle. In case the flaws are major, then you have to mention about these to the prospective purchaser to ensure that the home buyer knows of them before finishing the sale.

Always keep the vehicle fresh as well as sparkling:

A clear as well as shiny car will bring in possible buyers. Clean the dust as well as debris that might be found on top of your automobile. In case the car has little scratches as well as stains, then you might need to give it a polish coating to help make it appear great. Furthermore, clean the engine appropriately. You might need the assistance of an automobile professional whilst cleaning the motor of the car.

Clean the windows, windscreen as well as windshield wiper:

You might need to service the car glass prior to offering it for sale. In case the car glass has small marks, then you could get them fixed. But in case the vehicle glass has huge cracks, then you should substitute the damaged area. Also, do not forget to clean the wipers of the automobile. You can use vinegar to clean the wipers thoroughly.

Take notice of the wheels of the vehicle:

The majority of people disregard the car tires whilst cleaning up the automobile. The condition of the tires impacts the overall appearance of the car. Consequently, clear the surface, wheels as well as other parts of the tires effectively so that it appears clean. You may also employ cleaning agents for car tires. A wheel cleaning agent does not only help to make the auto tires appear clean but also protect it from the harm brought on by excessive warmth.

Clear the interior of your automobile:

Once you’ve cleansed the outside of your automobile, you have to clean the vehicle from inside. Vacuum the whole interior and clear every section associated with the car’s interior. Youngsters often spill foods inside the vehicle and that may leave food stains over the car seats. You need to clear these foodstuff stains to make the interior look good. You could make use of particular shampoos with regard to cleaning the inside of the car. You must likewise avoid cigarette smoking in the vehicle because cigarettes might unintentionally damage the upholstery as well as ground carpets.

It is better that you take care of the vehicle on a regular basis so that you do not have to work hard when you ultimately choose to sell off your automobile. Never tell a lie about the faults in the car and keep the routine maintenance records in correct place so that you have an evidence of all things when you’re selling your automobile. Remember, a correctly maintained as well as used automobile could bring quite a lot of worth and attract the interest of future customers.

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Guide To Selling Your Used Car

Parting with your beloved car, specially if is a coveted Vw car can be hard, sentimentally as well as practically. This content will give you a list of options you might think about when you have finally made a decision to sell-off your vehicle.

There could be a number of reasons why you may need to part with your car for instance; you can sell it off since your car is too old now, or because you have set your eyes on the latest and the more sophisticated beauty. Whatever will be the reason, when you have chosen to sell it there are a few measures you would need to follow.

  1. You will require to clean it thoroughly both from outside as well as inside.
  2. Get it restored, so the prospective customers find it in good condition.
  3. Get dents and scratches repaired, particularly if the car isn’t used a lot.
  4. Keep all the papers ready.
  5. Prepare a well-written, informative advertisement for your car. Be reliable and avoid exaggerating about your vehicle.


Even though selling Volkswagen or “the People Car” as it is commonly well-known, should not be that challenging because it is a preference of several car fanatics simply because of its performance and fuel-efficiency however, you should try to maximize your returns simply by considering all possible options of selling used Volkswagen cars such as:

Private Sale – Selling a car privately is the most effective way to get a good value for your used VW car as there are no middlemen to share money in in between. Though, selling car privately may be a time-consuming procedure. You need to be available to spend some time showing car to prospective customers, providing information regarding its condition and also other preferred details. A potential customer would like to be convinced regarding the condition of the car before they make a decision. Selling a car independently furthermore requires expenses on advertising cost. For those who are lucky, a simple “For Sale” board may be good enough although you ought to be happy to invest in newspaper adverts.

Trade-in/Dealer – It’s one of the most trusted and also convenient ways to part with your used car. Selling your car thru Phoenix Volkswagen car dealers helps save the hassle of dealing with the prospective buyers. For those who have decided to purchase a new car, you might even think about trade-in however ensure the dealer gets you a good price for your pre-owned Volkswagen car. Recommended would be to take your vehicle to a regional dealer for assessment prior to trade-in, so your dealer won’t cheat you in the process.

Online Auction – The emergence of internet has made work less complicated for most people, one of which is doing business online. There are lots of online auction web sites for example eBay by which you can sell your pre-owned car as well as get a good price too.

Scrapping your car – This option comes to the fore when your car has a serious mechanical problem. Mainly because of it metal value, you will opt to discard it, yet you must have evidence that the car is scrapped. You may as well sell various parts of your used Volkswagen car to buyers or even mechanics and moreover make some money.

Think about the pros and cons of each choice before you arrive at a decision. Yet, in case you are in hurry and not able to take break of your schedule, selling your used VW car via Phoenix car dealers may be the most feasible option.


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Buy Or Sell New Or Used Car Online

Therefore , you have driven your vehicle for too long enough as well as want to make space for a new one through selling off your old vehicle. The task can be overpowering to those that have no idea with regards to used car prices and so selling procedures. Although, with a few useful guidelines and so knowledge about Arizona Volkswagen dealers and so online dealers of used cars, your ordeal can be simple to truly an extent.

Selling a car to an online dealer might be a good plan if you are short of time and won’t wish to make unnecessary trips to various Phoenix Vw dealers. You can basically log on to any of the online used cars dealers web sites, and also look for the best offers. However to be able to do it in the most cost-effective manner, take a look at some of these tips on selling cars to online Arizona Vw dealers:

  1. Examine the value of your car by yourself. They say self-help is the best help, and also the same holds true while you are planning to sell a car to Phoenix Vw dealers. The dealers would naturally want to consider making maximum earnings for themselves as a result might possibly try to give you an amount lower compared to the real price your used car deserves to generate. So peep into car selling guide books and assess the price of your car before nearing the online portals of Phoenix Volkswagen dealers.
  2. Check-out as many online selling web sites as possible. Be sure you don’t restrict your quest for dealers. The more you hunt, the better you will get. Make calls to their customer care executives or selling staff so that you can directly talk about price quotes along with procedures. Ask about their policies and modes of payment ahead of time as they are quite likely to vary from one dealer to another.
  3. Opt for an assessment at each of the dealers. Letting your vehicle go trough an appraisal will usually get considerably better prices. Any problem in the car will make the Phoenix Vw dealers offer much less value.
  4. Do not hide any problems in the car. Inform the dealer about any issues or insufficiencies in your car well before fixing a selling price. If identified afterwards, these small difficulties can cost you a lot more than they otherwise can have cost. Get every thing in a written agreement and simply then sign the deal to sell off your car.


Technology and efficient staff at dealerships has made selling cars to online Phoenix Volkswagen dealers much more convenient affair for you than it was in the past. Nevertheless, you mustn’t blindly trust on what you are being informed. Assessments of car values and also searching for the most reputed and also trustworthy of Arizona Vw dealers is essential if you want to sell at the best prices offered on the market.

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Used Volkswagen For Sale in Scottsdale , AZ

The first Volkswagen Beetle was actually designed and begun by the one and only Adolf Hitler who wanted a vehicle that each and every German could afford. This was because country experienced hit an economic depression after the First World War. The manufacturer as well as designer of the affordable new vehicle was the one and only Ferdinand Porsche who was later responsible for the whole Porsche brand of luxury autos.

The Beetle was made with a rear motor along with a comfortable interior which may hold at the most two adults and up to three kids. That’s the size of the common family of the time. Because it was inexpensive, they had thousands of these cars designed for people to buy. As a matter of fact, the term Volkswagen itself means, ‘the people’s car’ or more specifically ‘the people’s wagon’. Even with the rising popularity of the new models that VW releases, the love of the old models of Volkswagen cars is highly famous. There is a huge public these days that would rather shop for an old used VW, so they would drive an older model.

There are many used Vw dealerships in Scottsdale, if you reside in or around the state. Thorough consideration must be given in the option of dealership one chooses to purchase a new or used Volkswagen car.

Advantages of a Used VW

You can get a used Volkswagen which is forty- fifty years old in excellent condition just about anywhere nowadays. You might think that a used car that’s sold at some Vw dealers may be a bad purchase idea. You might like to rethink it. These cars were designed to be sturdy and also long lasting. When they were first released they were advertised by showing a Beetle driving over a rough sand dune and still going steady. In case you want something that is a few years old, then you may easily find those models at Scottsdale Volkswagen dealers.

  • A model for example the old Beetle may need a little repairing however with its back engine design and easy maintenance needs you can still expect it to work completely fine.
  • These cars are wonderful on gas mileage. They give at least 40 miles per gallon on city roads. This is a excellent 15 miles more than what your average car could give. At present with modern changes you can only expect up to 28 miles per gallon though that is still eight or nine miles more per gallon than the average car gives.
  • An additional benefit is that you can get these durable, fun, plus stylish cars for a very low price. You will find an old used VW from many Volkswagen dealers in Scottsdale for a price no higher than $18,000. That is already for a relatively new VW Beetle. If you are going to get a Vw Passat or a Phaeton then you can expect the prices to jump a little bit higher though for a used model you can expect the costs to sit comparatively under $30,000.
  • Finally you can be sure of your safety. Pre-owned Volkswagen is still a factory manufactured Volkswagen which means you get all of the reinforced safety measures. A certified pre-owned car will ensure company warranty. These cars are recognised for being some of the safest cars on the road. You’ll get doors that carry steel reinforcements, reflectors built onto the doors, and even daylight running lights.

If you get only 1 used car in your life then a used Vw, is definitely is smart selection. The Volkswagen was made to be safe, durable, practical, as well as affordable, keeping the style factor higher. As time passes it’s proven these points with flying colors and truly stands as the people’s car. With their popularity all it takes is a simple click to find a list of Scottsdale Volkswagen dealers and you will be on your way to owning a car worthy of its name.

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Volkswagen For Sale in Phoenix, Arizona

The 2013 Volkswagen CC caught the interest of car enthusiasts and even experts when it was first debuted at the 2011 Los Angeles car show. However experts insist the cost of the most recent model is high at $35,000, the carmakers insist that it is rather the most affordable sport car currently available out there. Volkswagen set their latest launch four-door sedan in the class of luxurious cars like Audi A7, and BMW 6-series Gran Coupe and Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Now, let us see how the company justifies the enormous cost of the car and why it believes that the 2013 Volkswagen CC is way ahead of 2012 Volkswagen CC.

Well, without doubt by far the most dazzling characteristic of 2013 Vw CC is its awesome looks. The company has given it a luxurious face-lift. Some noteworthy features of the car’s exterior are new LED taillights; the 2012 Vw CC had round tail lamps other than, the 2013 Volkswagen CC has an spectacular bigger grille as compared to 2012 Volkswagen CC.

Furthermore, 2013 Vw CC is loaded with technologically advanced features, which makes it more attractive compared to its old variant. Some of the worth talking about functions incorporated in the latest model are Side Assist Plus that consists of Lane Assist features which gives you warning regarding vehicles in blind locations. It helps to prevent mishaps by means of its built-in steering intervention attribute. Additionally, the 2013 Volkswagen CC includes Dynamic Light Assist plus traffic signal detection system that’s camera based. One magnificent characteristic of the car is a ‘climate seat’ that has in-built massage function. Thus you can soak yourself in deluxe while enjoying driving in this plush car.

The other advantage of 2013 Volkswagen CC over 2012 Vw CC is that while the former can easily accommodate 5 persons, the 2012 model can seat only four people. The 2013 Vw CC is rated highly for their performance since it’s engine make use of direct injection and a turbocharger. Installed with six-speed dual-clutch transmission, the car can certainly attain 31 mpg on the highway. The only problem with the vehicle, based on critics is its steep cost as well as this is where 2012 Vw scores over as you can get it in the range of $28,000.

Get Volkswagen in Phoenix

If this much description excites you and make you crave to explore the 2013 Vw CC think about visiting your trustworthy dealer of Volkswagen in Phoenix, AZ. Become familiar with everything about the car and moreover get your booking done so that you get home the ravishing beauty before your neighbor does. However, when you are on budget and also do not wish to spend a lot on a new car consider purchasing old used Volkswagen. If you are lucky you may set your hand on the 2012 Volkswagen CC when their owner buy the most recent version. And so go on and make the latest or a well-maintained used VW your own!

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Waiting For..Volkswagen’s Cross Coupé

We, the Volkswagen dealers in Phoenix were highly curious when Volkswagen’s Cross Coupe concept was debuted in Tokyo this past December. With a four-cylinder gasoline engine and two electric motors, this power train of an automobile was the of the town. A few months later, the curios excited is high again, this time in Geneva. What a success this can be as a used VW if this is brought to production.

As the Volkswagen dealers in Phoenix, our research and knowledge about the car tells us that this time around in Geneva, the fossil-fuel propulsion duties are handled by VW’s new 2.0 – litre EA288 TDI engine,  which is cradled with a platform created from VW’s MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix) architecture. The MQB parts bin as lends it, its seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and suspension. Torque being the strong suit, the diesel providing the front wheels with 295 lb-ft from approximately 1600 rpm, and the pair of electric motors contribute (133 lb-ft at the front axle, 199 at the rear) nearly instantaneously. Volkswagen dealers in Phoenix confirms that this can work to deliver a whopping 516 ft-lb of torque. A 0-to-60-mph time of 6.5 seconds claim is made by VW. With a fully charged battery and a fresh tank of fuel, the Cross Coupe as a used VW should at least be good for 750 miles.

The state of the art electric motors and the path breaking mechanism of VW has designed and developed car that goes far and beyond the purview of an automobile. There will be a hype about it even as a used car for sale. Volkswagen dealers in Phoenix will undoubtedly wait for the cross coupe’s addition.

The five modes of operation of this used VW will pull in buyers to the Volkswagen dealers in Phoenix faster than we can service.

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