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“Volkswagen Beetle”, “VW Bug”, and the “People’s Car” – the wondrously well-liked and moreover long lived car has got several nicknames over its reign. It is normally known as a legend in the history of automobiles. The German company has just introduced the 2012 Vw Beetle, that is inspired by the first Beetle that helped Americans fall in the love with the affordable European auto. In the light of this event, listed below are some interesting info about the popular car that you might be amazed to know:

Adolf Hitler laid the foundations for the “People’s Car”

It’s Adolf Hitler who, as part of the plan to eliminate Germany’s unemployment problem, asked Ferdinand Porsche to design a car which would normally carry 2 adults, and also 3 children in the rear seat. One more of Hitler’s design ideas was for the car to look like a beetle, and that’s where the nomenclature of Beetle came from. Furthermore, the family car was charged so that the majority of people could afford it via some or the other savings plan.

The old model of Beetle was produced for over 60 long years

Old Beetle made a record breaking 65 years- production of the same model from 1938-2003. There’s something about the “People’s Car” that people across decades have adored. Still, when we have the New Beetle and 2012 Beetle, a lot of Beetle aficionados insist on collecting older models that are still seen to have a charisma in them.

20.9 million Beetles have been designed

Over 20 million Beetles have been built till now, out of which near 15 million were built in Germany alone.

Old Beetle knew how to swim

Almost like a floating-smooth ride on land was not enough, the old Beetle used mechanics like sealed floor pans that kept it afloat for some time in water as well. Similar was commercialized about in a 1960s Beetle ad. So whether it’s land, or be it water, Beetle never sank!

6 Herbie films are produced on the Beetle

Herbie, the character played by a 1963 fabric roofed Beetle, has a total of six movies made after it. It has been the perfect hero on silver screen catching robbers, winning races, and also featuring opposite some of the best names in Hollywood like Julie Sommars and Bruce Campbell.

Beetle’s engine was not designed by Ferdinand Porsche

The flat four air-cooled engine of the Beetle was designed by a young Austrian engineer, and not by the chief designer of the car Ferdinand Porsche. The same engine was used to drive the Bug for six decades.

New Beetle has a front engine not like the old one

As seen appropriate by automobile technologists of the 1930s, Beetle was fitted with a rear engine back then. Though, the new 2012 Vw Beetle comes with an engine in the front, plus gives a mileage around 32 mpg.

The 2012 Convertible keeps the essence of the Beetle

Eventhough a lot more sporty and definitely more advanced in performance and features, the 2012 Convertible Beetle too has the charm that the Bug is always known to have. It’s a reminiscent of the mid-twentieth century coupe that the world has loved.

Beetle Convertible is an enhancement of the New Beetle

Compared to New Beetle, the 2012 Beetle is bigger in size, plus has roomier interiors to enhance the comfort of passengers. A great deal of space for storage is present which can be extended by bending the rear seatbacks forward.

The little car is a tough bird when it comes to safety

Beetle 2012 comes with extremely good security features such as the Intelligent Crash Response System along with airbags. So that you are safe while riding your beloved VW Bug.

So, by now you must have got all the inside secrets about VW Bug. If you’re searching forward to get one, visit the nearest Volkswagen auto dealer today.


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